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Reports and Articles On-line

The Desert Training Center / California Arizona Maneuver Area 1942 1944 Historical and Archaeological Contexts by: Matt Bischoff

Desert Training Center : California-Arizona maneuver area : interpretive plan (1985)

The Desert Training Center and D-AMA Study 11_1942-1945.pdf

The purpose of the study is to give an over-all view of the training of the Ground army from the inception of Army Ground Forces, 9 March 1942, until the spring of 1945, when ArM Ground Forces completed its original mission of training units for combat and began to concentrate on redeployment.

History of the Army Ground Forces. Study Number 15. The Desert Training Center and C-AMA, (California - Arizona Area), 1946


The Desert Training Center: Yesterday and Today by Francis G. Blake; Armor November-December 1988

Palm Desert Magazine article by: Ann Japenga

Only a few explorers like McKeever have discovered these sights from the air. But now DTC boosters want to make this view available to more folks with an official Desert Training Center Sky Trail Tour. The brainchild of Larry Dighera, a Santa Barbara pilot who discovered the camp sites on flights to Las Vegas, the DTC sky trail has been featured in two pilots’ magazines.  The BLM’s Rolla Queen has plans to further promote the sky tour. It’s an unconventional approach to tourism, but when you’re in charge of the world’s most unwieldy attraction, you’ve got to be broad-minded. The BLM is also looking at options such as walking tours of the camps, or a camp-to-camp trail.  The aim is to preserve the sites and to convey the magnitude of the largest military training exercise ever, an exercise that changed men and changed history. As McKeever says: “If these guys didn’t have the proper training who knows how the world would be today.”

The Sands of Hyder

The Desert Training Center in World War II, By Rod Crossley (1997)

The Patton Museum

The Patton Museum

The Official Web Site of Air Force Historical Research Agency:  Historical Studies

The environmental legacy of military operations By Judy Ehlen, Russell S. Harmon


Rice Solar Energy Project - 09-AFC-10 - Power Plant Licensing Case Documents Page

DTC Operation Torch




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