DTC Sky Trail Chart

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DTC Sky Trail aeronautical chart with course depicted

Click the chart on the right to view a full-size image, so that you can see the course information clearly.  You can download the chart to your computer by right-clicking the image, and selecting Save Target As (Save Link As in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers) on the drop-down context menu.  Use this chart and the waypoints to assist you in plotting the course of your flight along the DTC Sky Trail


Printing the chart full-size on multiple pages:
Adobe Acrobat Reader X provides the facility to print the chart as a mosaic of several pages resulting in a legible and useful depiction of the DTC Sky Trail.

Download DTC_SkyTrailChart.pdf 10.2 MB (10,700,879 bytes)

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader X


DUATS route file
Download Cirrus For DUATS DTC Sky Trail route file

Download Cirrus For DUATS flight planning software


A more detailed, textural, route of flight is available on the Route page.



Historical Aeronautical Charts




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